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Passion. Peace. Person. Power. Patience.

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Our Company & Marketing Ethos


The bread of victory and well-being: the most important thing about us that you need to know is that we are truly fervent about marketing and advertising. We fall asleep reading Marketing Week and can't watch TV ads without running our own version in our minds.


This vehement translates to the workplace where our diligence and success is not akin to a paycheck, but due to our unwavering love for what we do.  


Sounds cliché, but we work hard, and play hard, too. How? We don't see the work-life scale struggling to balance, instead we see a flowing circle that integrates work and life into a harmonious, synchronized state. This peace value eludes to the fact that our strength, and therefore ability to succeed in the workplace, is grounded in the harmony of good health and self-happiness.


We therefore create an environment that breeds, maintains and instills this in our team; most importantly, we bring this open, friendly approach to our clients: don't think of us as outside help, instead we're your knowledgeable friend, taking this journey, with you, towards success.


At Digi Digs, we're the people's people. Specifically, we are client and user-oriented. This means we put your needs, and the needs of your users, first. A booming business is beautiful, but in the modern marketing era, this just doesn't happen without personalization. Here, we genuinely care about you and your user's desires and making those desires realized.


For us, this begins with our own culture which celebrates individuality and the uniqueness of every team member. We also operate through a flat management structure which creates a sense of openness and family, over traditional corporate hierarchies.


Power Team. Power Results. Power Relationships. Every day, we work to empower our team and make them better. We all want to realize our maximized potentials, and at DigiDigs, we want our team members to be the best individuals they can be, not just the best employees. Not only is our team powerful, but so are the results we produce.


Yes, we are a creative powerhouse, but we hone this in on measurable results through a tangible strategy you can see at work. Finally, as well as viewing the client dynamic as a friendship, we also view it as a power relation. That is, we have the marketing power, and you have the power within your ownership and vision. By bridging the two, we create a power dynamic that is built to ensure long-term success.


We do not view our marketing tools as cogs in a machine working together, that need to be constantly oiled. Rather, each is a fine string of fabric, and when integrated with others, it creates a comfortable sweater fit for any marketing and advertising campaign.


This woven process takes time, and we understand that. We keep targets, and we always meet deadlines, but it is not because we stress over a time-frame, but because of our actual immersion in the process and confidence that it is about the journey, not the destination. 

Want to work with a team like ours?

It can be hard to find the right group of people to trust the success of your small business with - let us put your mind at ease. Contact us now.

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